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With a strong understanding of end user requirements, Wi Bridge Network Solutions Private Limited (WI-BRIDGE) focuses on bridging the customers with the latest product and technologies in the market.

WI-BRIDGE is into design, development, and marketing of innovative wired and wireless communication, data, networking, lifestyle, power products and technologies.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, and with a strong management team having over 25 man years of experience in the field of telecom, networking, power and retail sectors, Wi Bridge is strongly focused to bring high quality and latest innovative products and technologies into the market.

Wi Bridge’s products and solutions offering include ADSL2+ wired & wireless Routers, 3G Routers, 3G Dongles, EVDO dongles, CDMA /GSM Fixed wireless phones, Media converters, GSM and CDMA mobiles, Power banks, Power supplies and many more.

WI-BRIDGE also offers marketing services and enables OEM/ODM to correctly position their products into the market. With its domain expertise in new product introduction, WI-BRIDGE offers an end to end service including setting up distribution channels.

WI-BRIDGE Areas of business focus include Retail, Telecom operators, and ISP’s, Systems Integrators, power and consumer electronics companies. We work closely with the various business entities and ensure to reach closer to the end consumer and satisfy their requirements.


WI-BRIDGE as a brand is a commitment to deliver high quality, robust, latest products and emphasizes on easiness to use and affordability by end customers.

With strong focus on quality and after sales support, we at WI-BRIDGE believe in timely and effective support to all our customers and make sure to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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WI-BRIDGE aims to be the leader in the market by becoming the customer’s preferred choice for latest and innovative products and technologies.

Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is the ultimate agenda and goal of WI-BRIDGE.